"HC Kiss Me Wisely"

red roan Colt

sired by "Kissin The Girls"

out of "Maybe Im Sleepy" by "Too Sleepy To Zip"

"HC Miss Georgina"

blue roan filly

sired by "Unxpected"

out of "Gorgeous Invitation" by "Invitation Only"

"HC Gino Ginelli" (AQHA/APHA)

sorrel-overo Colt

sired by "Only Krymsun"

out of "Suddenly In Love" by "A Sudden Impulse"

"HC No Chip No Fun"

red roan Colt

sired by "Unxpected"

out of "Chocolate Chiplette" by "Zips Chocolate Chip"

"HC A Hot Suggestion"

black/blue roan filly

sired by "Open For Suggestion"

out of "Hot Impulse Version" by "Hot Impulse"

"HC Kissing Me Lazy"

sorrel filly

sired by "Kissin The Girls"

out of "Not Gonna Work" by "Lazy Loper"

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